Personal Injury FAQs

Many of our clients contact us confused about whether or not their case qualifies under the area of personal injury. While this list may not answer all of your questions, we hope it will provide you with clarity regarding your recent injury.

As a personal injury law firm in Huntsville, we represent clients with a wide range of personal injury cases. From slip and fall incidents to life-changing injuries, we have seen it all! With so many types of injuries and accidents falling under this category, we often find that clients hesitate to reach out.

Some of the most common types of personal injury cases include the following:
● Car Accidents
● Slip and Fall Cases
● Animal Bites
● Medical Malpractice
● Injury Due to Defective Product
● Illness Caused by Defective Medication
● Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect
● Boating Accidents
● Other Injuries

This is, of course, only a quick overview of some common types of personal injury cases. If you have been the victim of any injury that was caused by someone’s neglect or carelessness you must schedule a free personal injury consultation.

If your accident was rather straightforward, you may not see the benefit of working with a personal injury lawyer. While some individuals attempt to file their own personal injury claims, it never provides them with an optimal outcome.

Unfortunately, insurance companies and legal representation for the other party will often take advantage of an individual filing their own claims. This, in addition to the amount of work required to properly file a claim, makes it difficult for an individual to successfully file a personal
injury claim.

As a personal injury law firm in Huntsville, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to easily navigate your personal injury case. Our team works tirelessly to provide you with the outcome that you deserve.

We often interact with individuals who are unsure if the severity of their accident warrants a personal injury claim. However, it is important to consider the long-term effects of your accident, not just the immediate impact.

A minor car wreck, for example, could cause neck or back problems several years down the road. Once these symptoms became evident, it would be too late to file a personal injury claim that would provide you with the ability to seek treatment.

Whether your accident resulted in life-altering injuries or not, you deserve financial compensation. Any type of accident negatively affects your life. Our team of Huntsville personal injury lawyers can help you obtain the financial compensation that you deserve following your accident.

Although each state varies, Oklahoma allows you to file a personal injury claim up to two years following the incident. It is always to your benefit, however, to begin the process as soon as possible. By contacting a personal injury lawyer while the details of the incident are fresh in your memory, you eliminate undue stress and frustration.

Additionally, filing a personal injury claim soon after your accident will provide you with the financial compensation that you need to make a full recovery. Once your claim is filed, you will be able to move forward with your life.

Are you ready to begin your personal injury claim? Contact our team today to schedule your free consultation!