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The Lackey Law Firm has been serving Huntsville, AL as well as the surrounding areas for over 40 years. As Personal Injury Lawyers, they fight to obtain financial relief for their clients who have been injured at the fault of another in the Huntsville area.

One of the qualities that are most important to The Lackey Law Firm is offering legal representation at reasonable rates. By doing so, they provide the people of Huntsville with the ability to obtain valuable representation for their personal injury cases.

The team at The Lackey Law Firm is committed to making the entire legal process both simple and straight-forward. From the moment you walk into their welcoming offices, you will feel like you are more than just a client. These Huntsville personal injury lawyers treat each of their clients with the respect they deserve, no matter the size of their case.

Our Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer Practice Areas

Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyers, The Lackey Law Firm, specializes in many areas of law. A few of those specialties include the following:

You can find more information about these, as well as the other areas of law in which The Lackey Law Firm practices, by visiting this link.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyers in HuntsvilleThe Lackey Law Firm is well-known as a personal injury law firm in Huntsville. Each year, their team helps countless individuals obtain restitution for wrongful injuries at the hands of another. From small slip and fall incidents to more serious injuries due to a defective product, working with a personal injury lawyer can provide the injured individual with great relief.

Although the injury has already occurred, the financial restitution is invaluable in paying for medical bills, lost wages, or any other damages that were a result of the injury. In many cases, this financial restitution can eliminate excessive stress, allowing the individual to make a quick recovery.

Car Crash Lawyer

The lawyers at The Lackey Law Firm understand the urgency which occurs when you are involved in a car crash of any kind. Whether you are simply the victim or you played a more active role in the accident, their team is ready to help you.

Navigating through the legal process required after a car crash requires expert advice and assistance. The Lackey Law Firm specializes in this area of the law, they can walk you through the recovery process with ease. In fact, they even provide a quick reference to many of the basic questions regarding car crashes on their website.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

In circumstances that are already quite tense, the lack of a criminal defense lawyer can make a bad situation even worse. Hiring one of the experienced Huntsville lawyers at The Lackey Law Firm is the best way to make sure you are represented fairly during your trial. The team at this Huntsville firm will fight for you, providing you with the best defense possible. This can be invaluable in the final outcome of your case.

Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyers Serving The Community

Since their establishment over 40 years ago, The Lackey Law Firm has had a strong dedication to serving the Huntsville community. They have committed to providing legal representation at reasonable rates, something which speaks highly of both their ethics and character as a firm.

Additionally, the family mentality of The Lackey Law Firm translates into how they treat each of their clients. Many clients, both past and present will share that the entire team of this Huntsville lawyers office treated them as if they were family. Their genuine care and concern for each client is one of the things that truly sets them apart in their industry.

Another way in which The Lackey Law Firm serves the Huntsville community is by providing a diverse staff of legal experts. The team at this Huntsville law firm is trained to handle any situation with ease. Because of this, you can be assured that your case will be fully represented no matter the circumstances that surround it.

Our Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyers Qualifications

The Huntsville personal injury lawyers who work at The Lackey Law Firm boast many impressive achievements as well as many qualifications. Together, this team of lawyers continues to provide their clients with astounding results, recovering millions of dollars each year.

The lawyers of The Lackey Law Firm have been recognized by their clients for their excellence. However, they have also been awarded many national honors and awards, especially in the areas of Personal Injury Law and Criminal Defense Law. You can read more about those awards on their website.

Our Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

The Lackey Law Firm has many outstanding reviews from past clients. From these reviews, you can get a better understanding of the incredible experience they provide.

“I have worked with the Lackey Law Firm on many personal injury matters over the years. They are extremely hard working and aggressive advocates for their clients. They are also compassionate, organized and detail-oriented. I enjoy working with them and give the firm my highest endorsement.” – C. Carter, Google Review

“The most professional and proficient people I have ever met! They really care about your situation and are very personable. I could not have made it through my situation without them! Would recommend them to anybody!” – Heather, Google Review

“Not only was Jennifer professional while handling our case she was also very personable. She cared about my wife and her injuries, always checking in on her and keeping us updated on our case. There was never a time that we felt neglected or just another client, with Jennifer. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer at The Lackey Law Firm!!” – Sam, Google Review

“This is a fantastic family firm. They make the process of handling legalities very simple for their clients. I highly recommend them if you are looking to get favorable results. We appreciate y’all!” – Randy, Google Review

“Great lawyers who really care about their clients! Justin has been my lawyer for years. He has always went above and beyond to help me. I would recommend him to anyone!!!” – Allison, Google Review

“Everyone was respectful, compassionate and patient listeners. It is difficult to walk into an Attorney’s office for the first time. They really made the process painless. I highly recommend.” – Jill, Google Review

Personal Injury Law in Huntsville

In any community, there is a need for personal injury lawyers, that includes Huntsville. Unfortunately, accidents happen daily due to the carelessness of others. These accidents often occur in the places you expect them the least! Although personal injury law can not reverse the injury which occurred, pursuing this avenue may provide you with financial restitution for the damages of the accident.

Some common types of incidents which are covered under personal injury law include the following:

  • Any injury due to the carelessness of another.
  • Slip and fall incidents.
  • Injury due to a defective product.
  • Illness due to a defective medication.
  • Forms of medical malpractice.

If either you or a loved one has experienced any of these incidents, or any type of injury caused by someone else, you would likely benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer! The Lackey Law Firm is proud to provide each of its clients with free legal consultations. During this free consultation, you will gain valuable insight into the validity of your personal injury case and the benefits of hiring legal representation.

In fact, if your injury prevents you from traveling, The Lackey Law Firm will come to you, making sure you get the legal representation you deserve.

Contact The Lackey Law Firm today using the information listed below to schedule your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Huntsville.

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