Once again, The Lackey Law Family recovered millions of dollars for our clients in 2018 and fought for justice on behalf of hundreds of people.  We handled a huge variety of cases in 2018, from slip and falls to capital murder!  In our injury and accident work, our lawyers recovered money for clients’ injuries that occurred all across the state of Alabama and the southeastern region.  We successfully resolved injury cases from Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina.  Cases were settled in many jurisdictions across Alabama, including Madison County, Morgan County, Jefferson County, Jackson County, Marshall County, DeKalb County, Colbert County, Lauderdale County, and Limestone County, Alabama.  Here are a few examples of the great work performed for our clients in 2018:

$40,000.00 – Commercial vehicle wreck.

$140,000.00  – Fall on a wet floor in business.

$45,000.00  –  Wreck caused by an intoxicated driver.

$40,000.00 – Commercial vehicle rear-end collision.

$83,400.00 – Wreck caused when the driver ran a red light.

$154,000.00 – Motorcycle wreck.

Confidential settlement – Rear end collision by a commercial vehicle.

$32,400.00 – Rear end collision.

$105,000.00 – Car wreck.

$108,000.00 – Head-on collision caused by a drunk driver.

$144,000.00 – Rear end collision.

$50,000.00 – Policy limits in car wreck case – Dekalb Co..

$40,000.00 – Drunk driving wreck injury.

$60,000.00 – Work-related injury.

$50,000.00 – Policy limits in rear-end wreck – Limestone Co.

$50,000.00 – Policy limits in rear-end wreck – Jefferson Co.

$70,000.00 – Rear end collision

$123,000.00 – Real estate case.

Dozens of other accident, wreck, and injury settlements!

We also handled many cases which were not related to injuries or accidents.  In 2018, we handled dozens of DUIs, over 130 criminal cases, over 9 dozen family law cases, including more than 60 divorces, almost 40 cases in probate court, and we prepared deeds, wills and other documents for many clients.  We also assisted clients with expungements, civil cases, collection cases, and business litigation throughout the year.